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The buying process


Buying property in Bulgaria is not a difficult task. The citizens of the EU (European Union) can freely purchase apartments, houses and land in Bulgaria. You just need to follow several basic steps:


1.You have interest in one or more properties

2. View the properties

3.Choose a property and decide to buy

4. Thorough investigation of the title deeds and documents

5. Preliminary Purchase contract between you (the buyer) and the Vendor (the seller). You have to pay the agreed deposit (usually 10 % of the property price) and the estate agents fees. Date is set for completion. The property is taken off the market

6. Preparation of documents, which includes translation where needed.

7. Transfer Title Deed, rights of ownership, payment of balance owned.

8. Declaring the property. Payment of taxes, Utility Services Insurance.

9.Receive a Title deed and become a proud owner.





Up to 150,000 €  3%

150,001 € 2.5%

Minimum commission 500euro, payable upon signing a preliminary contract with the buyer.

Please note in line with all other Agents in Bulgaria (not usually highlighted) a charge of 25 euro per 100 kilometers will be made. This is due to the nature and expanse of the area that is normally covered.  This is valid only for viewing trips outside the town/city/resort. There is no charge for viewings in Varna city, Varna area and the surrounding resorts. This fee is for fuel and will be fully refundable should you purchase a property with us.

If you want to register a company in Bulgaria, you may use our company accountant and Lawyer for this service, or source your own. The cost will be approximately 400euro and will include:

  • Registration of Limited company according to Bulgarian Law

  • Translation of all documents

  • Assisting you with setting up a bank account

  • All notary fees associated with your company registration.



The costs below are fees that are necessary to comply with the law and are not avoidable. They are paid on the completing of the deal.

NOTARY TAX § GOVERNMENT TAХ approximately 4% of the cost of the property

LAWYER’S FEE, NOTARY AND TRANSLATION FEES depending on the price of the property